Aidafruit Ltd. was registered in the Haskovo Regional Court in 2006 with its object of activity being the production, processing and sale of fresh fruit.

The company owns more than 500 decares of agricultural land. 300 of them contain fruit trees. The orchard has been built according the latest modern technologies for re-cultivation with seedlings from the best Italian, Greek and Bulgarian suppliers.

It is equipped with all the necessary agricultural machinery and is serviced by a team of specialists. At the moment there are 6 varieties of apricot, 3 varieties of nectarine, 3 varieties of pear and 4 varieties of apple already bearing fruit, producing more than 600 tonnes of fruit per year.

The company is well-equipped with refrigeration facilities for storage and initial fruit processing. The apricot and nectarine trees are currently being monitored with regard to our upcoming Organic production certification (expected to be finalized in 2012).
The large and well-chosen variety of fruit and the ability to provide regular supplies makes Aidafruit Ltd. a reliable partner for those looking for high quality and regular deliveries.